This book dares to go Under the Covers

and beyond the secrets you are keeping

UTC_Joy_Matthews_Image_Designs_LARGENo matter who you are, what you’ve done or how addicted you are, there is hope. No matter how many times you’ve tried and failed, you have arrived at the key to freedom. It’s not an accident that you’re here. Many have been praying that you’d find this site. The failure of yesterday or last month or the last ten years don’t have to determine what the next ten years will look like. There is forgiveness, there is healing, and there is a brighter future than your past would indicate.


A Message of Hope

for those who want to be free from porn, buying sex and abuse.

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The Brain on Porn

A path through the woods becomes larger with each new hiker. It’s the same thing with the brain. As men fall deep into the mental habit of viewing pornography neural pathways are forming in the brain…

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Hummingbirds and Sexual Addiction

I heard recently if you take a hummingbird feeder, fill it with sugar water and get birds accustomed to feeding from it, then replace the sugar water with artificially sweetened water you will kill them. No, sweeteners are not toxic to hummingbirds; they simply die of malnutrition. They drink what seems like food but in reality has no calories for their bodies to use as fuel…

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What We Can Learn From a Bunch of Rats

If you’ve read much about breaking addictions you know that getting an accountability partner and joining groups are always recommended. Have you ever wondered why this is so important? It’s because we are wired for connection. Trying to go it alone is a sure set up for failure. Here’s an amazing experiment with rats that proves this point…

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Porn Stars In The Marriage Bed?

The marriage bed was never to be shared with porn stars. Part of the wedding vow is “forsaking all others.”

Think of it: A man is sharing his body, his heart, and his thoughts with others, or in the case of porn, many others!

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True Love = True Sex

Each second 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography.[1] Over three thousand dollars is spent on porn every second. [2]

Pornography does not always lead men into sexual abuse, but many men who abuse others have also been involved with pornography…

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What Is Healthy Sexuality?

Our culture has so twisted sex and what it means to be a man that many people have lost sight of what healthy sexuality looks like. The following information is taken from a message by Benji Nolot, founder of Exodus Cry [1]. I want to start by saying that there is...

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A New Weapon

Knowing new weapons are needed​ to assist in overcoming porn (and other addictions), Al Larson, created MindArmor® Training Tools, because if you win enough battles you’ll eventually win the war…

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Just Forget About It

Here’s an interesting twist on how to avoid porn from Gary Wilson with He suggests that you stop focusing on NOT watching porn because if you’re focusing on ​it then really, you’re still focusing on porn​! And as long as you’re focusing on porn you’ll have a lot of trouble avoiding ​and forgetting ​it…

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