Knowing new weapons are needed​ to assist in overcoming porn (and other addictions), Al Larson, created MindArmor® Training Tools, because if you win enough battles you’ll eventually win the war (

One of the strategies is this: When a pornographic image pops in your mind, turn it into a still photograph, then turn that picture into glass. Then imagine yourself holding a hammer and smashing it into a thousand pieces. When a new image pops up, turn it into a picture on paper and see yourself burning it up with a blowtorch. Watch the fire consume it and smell the smoke and watch the heat rise up. Use whichever image you like best. Do this again and this time when you break the glass or burn the image scream out with a manly battle cry “This is my brain and these images are not welcome here.” This trains your brain to no longer accept or dwell on these images.

MindArmor® Training Tools combines principles from scripture, human design engineering and neuroscience to teach you how to break destructive thought patterns. By participating in the private, confidential, video lessons and practicing the principles taught, you will be equipped with skills to attack and defend against the pull of lust and pornography. This unique training program will equip you to guard your heart and mind.

You can sign up for the entire confidential program (they don’t need a name or phone number or address. You can even create a specific e-mail just for this account) which begins with a 60 minute video. You’ll also receive daily e-mails called Tune-Ups. Each day you’ll receive a new assignment and encouragement to keep fighting. Because we are busy people they allow you 90 days to work through the 30 e-mail assignments and they won’t send out the next one until you’ve completed the previous one. That way you don’t get swamped. Use code afa for a 50% discount.

You can gain victory in this battle, one thought at a time, and eventually win the war.