I was listening to Benji Nolot’s message called Living In A Pornified World. (Link is listed below.) Here are some powerful thoughts to consider:

  • Many men are completely out of touch in real relationships because they see a thing to conquer and consume, instead of a person to love and serve.
  • The end of lust is not some utopian sexual gratification,
    the end of lust is the death of your calling and destiny.
  • The temptation for a woman is to exploit her beauty,
    and the temptation for a man is to consume her beauty.
  • Simply put: women are not a sexual buffet for the carnal appetites of men. They are the image bearers of God and the crown of His creation.
  • The greatest challenge a man will face in his life is harnessing.
    and channeling his sexuality into a healthy, lifelong, committed monogamous relationship.

Thanks Benji for the courage to tell the unpopular truth. We honor you . . .

This full message can be heard in two parts at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo6Nr4UidXQ and part two at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-rihlrdRB4.

This blog post is adapted from Living In A Pornified World found in the book Under the Covers, A Message of Hope for Those Who Want to be Free From Porn, Buying Sex and Abuse, available to order on this website.