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Statistics tell us that sex is by far the most popular search term on the web. I’m challenging you — if you struggle with porn — to read this book and devour it. It may be a lifeline for you even if you feel like you’re going down for the third time. If porn and out-of-control sexuality isn’t your temptation then I encourage you to get a copy of this book for a friend who is struggling. There is hope for all. This book provides practical insight and a bright hope. Mike Bickle

International House of Prayer

As young men we grow up in a society that declares sex and sexuality to be one of the highest pursuits in life.   Our society tells us there is virtually no right or wrong way to express our sexual thoughts and urges.  We can desire the beautiful; we can pursue our sexual cravings almost without boundary.   But our culture doesn’t tell us these desires can grow darker and more twisted over time.  No one tells us that once you’re in, there’s no way out of here.  We soon find out just how powerful our sexual habits are as they start to consume us, control us, and even devour us inside.  We realize how toxic we’ve become but we can’t tell anyone now; the society that embraced us and our youthful fantasies now calls us sick, perverted, and dirty.  Welcome to the new world. But is this all there is to say; is there no hope for men? If you’ve picked up this book you may be wondering the very same thing.  Is there hope for men like me or for my brother, my father, or my friend?  The answer is a resounding YES; there is hope.   There is a power far greater than your sexual desires, far greater than your habits and addictions.  There is a God who loves you and wants to set you free, no matter how dark your thoughts may be.  Read this book and listen to the voices of men and women who share their stories of pain and freedom as they struggle with the impact and destruction caused by pornography and sexual addictions.  Read on and start to walk out the freedom you’ve longed for inside.

Todd Morrison UntoLife Mechanicsburg, PA | Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We live in an era that has seen the widespread desacralization of sex, the commodification of women’s sexuality, and the industrialization of lust. Our sanctity and our solidarity have been breached and we need a road map back to freedom and wholeness. Under the Covers accomplishes just that. I encourage this read for everyone who has experienced sexual brokenness.


Benjamin Nolot

CEO & Founder | Filmmaker, Exodus Cry

If you’re struggling with porn, sex addiction or abuse, or if you were abused this way, then I encourage you to read this book. It gives hope, advice and a strategy to those who want to overcome sexual addiction of any kind. The book is full of helpful testimonies, practical advice and abundant references that point the way out of addiction for those desiring freedom. Read this book and begin allowing God to change your life.

Pastor Darrell Brazell New Hope Fellowship www.NewHopeLawrence.com New Hope For Sexual Integrity www.NewHope4si.com

The word “Sex” excites and titillates.  For many men it triggers a series of thoughts that lead to behaviors which have negative consequences. “Sex” makes promises of intimacy but for many men, after climax, we are left feeling lonely, shameful, guilty, and sad. The consequences are huge on ourselves, our partners and on the other people we have sex. Also affected are the porn stars we watch, society at large and the host countries to which we travel in search of sexual encounters. But it doesn’t have to be like that. This book brings a message of hope even for those who have reached rock bottom. It shares a message of grace we don’t deserve but can still experience and a God who deeply loves us. Read. Listen. Absorb. Believe.

Glenn Miles, PhD International Child & Vulnerable Persons Rights Consultant Co-editor with Christa Foster Crawford of ‘Stopping the Traffick: A Christian Response to Sexual Exploitation & Trafficking’ (Regnum 2014) www.ocms.ac.uk/regnum www.gmmiles.co.uk for research and resources www.good-touch-bad-touch-asia.org – prevention tool for school aged children. www.celebratingchildrentraining.info basic training for faith based practitioners working with children at risk.

Having worked with Christian men for over five decades, I have concluded that whereas, Christian men would agree that they are fully saved, they don’t often feel that they are fully loved. The battle is with our preoccupation with sin management. Approaching life from a shame-based faith, we imagine balancing what they have done, where they have failed and sinned, through religious, ritual activities to off-set the balance beam of our brokenness. Kudos to this book for its attempt to both point out the long-term effects of abuse and addiction as well as giving hope in the finished work of the Cross. Calling men away from sin-management to a life of authentic faith and openness embracing our nature, our abuse, our addictions and our past through the filters of God and how He has forgiven us in Christ and called us to live.

Gary Goodell Third Day Churches International “Permission Granted To Do Churches Differently in the 21st Century” “Where Would Jesus Lead?”

Nothing speaks more powerfully to a person’s pain and brokenness than the story of a fellow traveler, especially one who has walked a similar path and reached higher ground. Under the Covers is a powerful book that will connect with those longing for hope and a clearer picture of what healing looks like in real life. If you are drowning in your brokenness, you are not alone; God has not forgotten about you, and a growing army of brothers and sisters stand ready to help you overcome. Our thanks to J. L. Matthews for producing such an invaluable resource.

Jonathan & Elaine Daugherty Be Broken Ministries www.bebroken.com

My husband and I are the founders of Eagles’ Nest Group Homes of AZ, Inc. We are VERY impressed with your book and want to use it for the men in our group. We also think it is essential to have men read this book, before they commit a sexual crime. Your book is going to make a huge difference in MANY lives! We are very excited that you have provided such an excellent tool for us to use!

The Schmidts

Founders of Eagles' Nest Group Homes

I was very impressed and I wanted to give you my personal congratulations on a job well done. May God bless you and use this book in the lives of many. I was happy to be a part of it. Diane W. Hawkins, M.A.

PRESIDENT, Restoration in Christ Ministries

There are many people and ministries who are feeling the burden of the Lord’s heart to bring healing and freedom to the masses who are being sexually abused and exploited — but it’s very unusual to find those who shine the light of Jesus into the actual sex abuser’s lives, offering them healing and freedom too! J. L. Matthews’ book Under the Covers is a treasure trove of keys that can unlock doors for those caught in the grips of the enemy’s seductions.  It is a heart-felt, nonjudgmental book of HOPE and encouragement for those who are trapped! Matthews reveals root causes of sexual additions, shares marvelous testimonies from those who have been set free, and asks significant questions after each chapter to engage the reader in an honest, personal examination of their heart. Corrie ten Boom once said, “There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.”  Matthews’ engaging book trumpets genuine hope for anyone who longs for and is desperate to be free and clean to live real life again!

Linda Valen Ministry Director Master Potter Ministries www.masterpotter.com

Under the Covers – A Message of Hope is a book that needed to be written. Sex trafficking is a subject that is becoming more open to the public through the attention given through media. Oftentimes the victimized women and children do not have a voice to cry out for themselves, and this book gives them a voice. But there is also another group of victims: the johns who purchase the prostitutes.  I applaud the author for the courage to compile this book. It reveals the johns’ redemptive story with both love and insight. Read this book. It will fill you with hope. Patricia King

speaker, author, television host, and media producer , XP Ministries

“So many men believe the lies: “She’s too young to remember,” or “It won’t affect her.”  If only porn users understood how they rob themselves of true intimacy in marriage… if only fathers and grandfathers, brothers and cousins, uncles and neighbors knew the devastated lives they leave behind them for crossing the line just once, then our mental health system would not be so burdened, our marriages would suffer less, there would be fewer women who cut, rage, abuse drugs and alcohol, engage in eating disorders and more. And thank you for telling them that there is healing and forgiveness.” Dr. Lynda L. Irons

Founder and Director, Clean Vessels Ministry, Inc.

As a woman and friend, I have seen marriages and families torn apart because of sexual addictions that began with pornography. As a leader in the fight against sex trafficking, I recognize pornography as an inextricable force driving demand for this human rights injustice. The cultural epidemic of pornography is a force for destruction and oppression not sexual liberation. The byproducts of pornography are destroyed lives, sexual exploitation, a growing sex trafficking industry, and broken marriages and families. There is no one in this modern age who is untouched by this problem. If you or someone you love are suffering because of sexual addictions, God can bring healing. Under the Covers shines light in this darkness, offering truth, hope and a path to freedom.

Alison Phillips

KC Street Hope Conference Organizer