Reader Reviews of Under the Covers

Your book has a good Biblical and Psychological balance, with helpful insight to non-believers as well as Christians. Thanks for this labor of love.

I’ve never heard other people say, nor read other books, where men have shared about their struggles with these issues like this. These men have been where I’ve been, and have shown me a way out.

This is an amazing work! I am looking forward to delivering copies to many men . . .

Thank you for writing this book. It’s going to impact many lives by the grace of God!!

Several of the men we communicate with in prison have expressed the desire to help other men on the outside, so they don’t progress to the point of prison. We think your book will do exactly that! We will be spreading your book to pastors on the outside in the hopes they have the courage to help their flocks.

The material in the book has certainly changed my life and helped me both understand and get free from my sexual issues.   For that, I am grateful. The book is being passed around from man-to-man and being highly recommended from peer-to-peer.

This book helped me see from the victim’s point of view, and helped me gain empathy.  I am now more aware that porn is wrong and have seen the effects it has on my decision making.

This is the most powerful thing I have ever read!

As a woman and friend, I have seen marriages and families torn apart because of sexual addictions that began with pornography. As a leader in the fight against sex trafficking, I recognize pornography as an inextricable force driving demand for this human rights injustice. There is no one in this modern age who is untouched by this problem. If you or someone you love are suffering because of sexual addictions, God can bring healing. Under the Covers shines light in this darkness, offering truth, hope and a path to freedom.