Each second 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography.[1]  Over three thousand dollars is spent on porn every second. [2]

Pornography does not always lead men into sexual abuse, but many men who abuse others have also been involved with pornography. Pornography steals your joy; it steals your family and your intimacy. It can turn men into consumers of women. Yet God created men to be protectors and lovers of the women with whom they share their marriage bed and their lives.

Sexual activity is not intended to be only about sexual release, but also about relational joy and intimacy. A man will not get what he really wants when he fulfills his sexual addiction; but he can receive the joy and delight which his heart so deeply desires when he practices sex in love and in a union with his wife. This is actually what both marital partners deeply desire and deserve.

Sex becomes an addiction when need and compulsion drive the sexual act. Sex is no longer about sharing joy with your wife or partner, but about getting a fix. When used addictively, sex becomes a monstrous drug. Unreal sexual expectations and solo behaviors such as pornography and masturbation cause problems in a relationship.

Yet men were not created this way. They were created for so much more. They were created for intimate joy in a committed relationship.

(Taken from the article “Pornography — The Ultimate Bait and Switch” found in the book Under the Covers, A Message of Hope for Those Who Want to be Free From Porn, Buying Sex and Abuse, available on this website.)

[1]   Wes Hall, speaker at IHOPKC “One Thing” Young Adult Conference, December 2012,
[2]  www.familysafemedia.com/pornography_statistics.html   $3,075.64