If you’ve read much about breaking addictions you know that getting an accountability partner and joining groups are always recommended. Have you ever wondered why this is so important? It’s because we are wired for connection. Trying to go it alone is a sure set up for failure. Here’s an amazing experiment with rats that proves this point.

Rats were put in a cage by themselves with access to water, food and cocaine. Predictably, they all got addicted. The scientist in charge of the study thought If I was in a cage by myself with nothing to do I’d probably get addicted too. So he built a large cage with wheels to run on and things to climb–a rat playground. He added multiple rats and gave them access to food, water and cocaine. Surprisingly, with things to do and other rats around, they didn’t get addicted. But, the really stunning thing happened when he took rats that were already addicted and put them in the cage. The addicted rats would break their addictions–even though they had access to cocaine 24/7.

So if you’re walking solo and trying to beat an addiction, take a lesson from a bunch of rats and get connected.

This story was taken from a book called This Is Your Brain on Joy. It’s a practical, life-changing book that will help you take advantage of the latest neuroscience research—combined with biblical insights—to bring more joy and love into your life. It’s published by Thomas Nelson, authored by Dr. Earl Henslin, Dr Daniel Amen (forward).

photo credit: braindamaged217 via photopin cc